Building A Community

 We have not only built a new church structure, we are building community together.  We do this by emphasizing authentic relationships. When the Bible compares Christ’s church to a building with many stones or a body with many parts, we quickly realize that no one is to go it alone in their spiritual formation. Through small groups, Sunday morning discussion groups, retreats and special events, we seek to do life together, build community and grow in Christ together.

Building A Building

Our church addition and remodeling project began in the Fall of 2015. Although there has been and always will be challenges as we continue to maintain and update, we feel so blessed that God would allow this building project to finally become a reality! It had been an idea for over a decade and many people played a part, but this would not have happened without the help of our deacons who have sacrificed hundreds of volunteer hours. Some days they have literally been working till 3 a.m. God put it on the heart of our church board to pay largely in cash and not borrow any money that hadn't been pledged. God has honored that, and even though we have had several surprises that have pushed us over budget, He has been faithful to provide in miraculous ways, and we are confident that He will continue to do so.
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