Here are all the events that are happening at the church and some other big ones that are outside of our church. Check out our youth page & college page to see more things happening there as well!


One Thing 

January & Feburary 2021

We exist to Love God and Love Others

We recognize that the pandemic has been particularly tough on small businesses. In January and February we'd like to encourage the church body to support their local small businesses, encourage someone, and celebrate together as we Live Generously through our BUY PRAY SHARE plan. Here’s how it works:


1. BUY-Purchase a gift or gift card from a small business and BLESS someone else with it


2. PRAY-When you visit the business leave them a small note of encouragement (available at the welcome desk), ask how things are going and offer to pray with/for them.


3. SHARE-After you have done #1& 2 let us know about your experience by placing a note on the bulletin board just outside the sanctuary (include the name of the business you visited)

L.I.F.T - Men's Ministry 

January 19, 2021

Starting January 19! 6:00-8:00 pm @ Marshall E Free. 

Third Tuesday of the month. 

Fellowship, testimonies, food, brotherhood. Life in faith together!

Congregational Meeting

January 31, 2021


February 7

Join us as we partake in the Lord's supper. 

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