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Knowing Jesus
As we know Jesus more, He changes our lives and we become who He intended us to be.          Growing in our faith is a life long journey.
Friendship and Community
Small Heading
The Church is God’s people and he made us to be in relationship.  We are strengthened in our faith as we encourage each other in applying God’s truth and living out life together.
God uses people to accomplish his purposes through their unique God given abilities.   We please God and find joy and fulfillment as we find our place to serve.
Living Generously
Living generously reflects a heart that loves God and a faith in action.  Selflessly sharing our time, talents, and finances helps others and builds our trust in Him.
Sharing Jesus
The love, compassion, and transforming power found in Jesus compels us to share it with others in our world. We invite people to experience life in Jesus.

Our Purpose is to Love God & Love Others.
Our Mission is to Reach People for Christ.

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