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Nursery & Kids

Sunday Morning for Kids

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(0 - 3yrs)
We hope you are able to get the most out of your time worshiping, growing, and fellowshipping on Sunday mornings. Childcare for your little ones is provided in our new nursery facility during the service, so as you enter the main doors, please register your children.


We promise to love your babies. We provide a clean, secure nursery where your little ones will be lovingly cared for during our worship services.


  • What: Safe play time under close supervision by a responsible family or adults

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(3yrs - 6th grade)
Your young ones must learn & grow just as much as you, and that can be difficult in a traditional sermon setting. That's why we invite you to bring your Preschool-6th graders to the youth wing and register them into their age appropriate class where their leaders can help them learn, worship, and play in a way that is best for them!

  • What: Interactive Bible video lesson, singing, craft, snack, and game

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In all we do with your children, safety and cleanliness are top priorities for us! It is also important for you to rest easy and know that your children are in the best of hands, so parents are always invited to join in and see what our nursery and kids church is like.

What's Important To Us

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Volunteer With Kids
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