Wednesday Nights

We will mix things up every once in a while, but our typical Wednesday atmosphere is very casual and laid back. We are always on the lookout for new students to get to know! We LOVE newcomers! About half of the students here regularly attend our church on Sunday, and although we'd love for you to join us then too, there is no need to feel out of place if you don't call Efree your church home.

We split jr high and sr high for most of the night, but on a typical Wednesday, we play crazy games, have a student share their testimony, get teaching about the bible, and talk about life in small groups! Here we split up by grade/gender and spend time discussing, asking, challenging, and praying together. Our leaders always stick around to play ping-pong, foosball, or just talk afterward too.



More About Lost & Found

Our mission as Lost and Found leaders is to share the Gospel and set a Christ-like example through intentional relationships.   

Discipleship Team

Once a student gets to 10th grade, we encourage those who are ready to apply for our discipleship team. In addition to a summer and winter training weekend, students will study the Bible, get leadership training, lead a devotional, share their testimony, use their gifts in a specific area of ministry, outreach to their school, and be mentored by an adult. To sum it up: being disciples & making disciples.

Biblical Mentoring

For students who are interested in going deeper and want some help, we would love to pair you up with someone older and wiser to guide you.

Small Group Hangouts

As I mentioned before, we place high priority on small groups and our leaders are challenged to organize a hangout time with their group outside of Wednesday 1-2 times per semester.

Summer Missions Trips

Each summer we dedicate a week or more to training, serving, and outreach. We have been to the Dominican, Ecuador, Mexico, Minneapolis, here in Marshall, and much more. Where there are needs is where we like to help!

Partnering with Parents

After doing some research we realized that the 3 most influential people in the lives of teens are #1 Parents, #2 Coaches, and tied at #3 Teachers & Youth Leaders. In order to truly make a difference, we are partnering more closely with parents by organizing one combined parent/student event each quarter. We also send out a newsletter with what we are teaching as well as something called "table talk" to give the opportunity to follow up on our small group conversations.

Weekend Retreats

We have 3 major weekend retreats we do each year. They all include Jesus, Bible, Worship, & Fun, but each also has its own nitch. Fall Retreat is all about building relationships; Winter Ski Trip is a great one to invite a new friend to; Spring District Blitz is best for gaining biblical wisdom and training.

Special Events

Every month or two we will go to a concert, have a lock-in, play broomball, host a game night, or do a city youth group worship night. The more the merrier!