Vision & Purpose

The Journey

We are a church on a journey together to love God, grow in Christ and share His story, the gospel. We would like you to experience Jesus with us. We are not a perfect people but a ransomed people who flourish with life and hope because of Jesus. We understand that we need one another. No matter what your need, God loves you and we are trusting you will find hope and choose to journey with us. 

Our Purpose is to Love God, Grow

in Christ & Share the Gospel Together

Our Vision

Loving God through personal and corporate worship
  • Learning and practicing personal worship and devotion to God
  • Participating together in the public worship of God
Small Heading
  • Hearing from God through the preaching of God's word
Growing in Christ through teaching, small groups and service
  • Life transformation through participation in a Small Group
  • Using gifts in a place of service for the edification of the body
Sharing the Gospel through lifestyle and word
  • Living by the Spirit to attract people to Christ
  • Sharing the message of the gospel through the Word
  • Taking the gospel to the world for the sake of Christ
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